Cold starters

Coriander, chilli and lime-cured salmon

Salmon rillettes with bagel toasts

Trout tartare, wasabi mayonnaise

Iced herb garden soup

Little asparagus and Sussex Slipcote tart

Main courses

Roast leg of lamb with spinach and gremolata, braised peas with leeks, little gem and mint

Rump steak with cashew nam jim, Asian greens

Roast cod, Florence fennel gratin, baby jacket potatoes with lemon cream

Middle Eastern rose-scented poussin, sour cherries, bitter leaves and bulghur

Roast chicken and butternut, black lentils and hazelnut picada


Espresso panna cotta, Frangelico hazelnut syrup

Sugarplum syllabub pavlova

White chocolate mousse, berry coulis

Caramelised pineapple and coconut creams